Strategic Time-Out on The Island.

Your island coaching is an individual, groundbreaking time-out for you as a leader and entrepreneur. We design your strategic and personal future and focus on the effective transfer of your essential topics.

TEX Top-Executive Retreat™

Strategic time-out for leaders and entrepreneurs.

Your island coaching is an individual, groundbreaking time out for leaders and entrepreneurs. This valuable time out is tailored to your strategic and personal future planning. We focus on the effective transformation of the issues that are essential for you. The island coaching takes place 1:1 with your mentor Heinz Kaegi.

Does this sound familiar to you?

What are we going to work on?

What will we achieve together?

We will work together in an inspiring island ambience intensively and groundbreakingly, so that

What are you taking home?

When will you be ready for the island?

Are these achievements interesting, exciting or even important to you?
Contact me now.

Together, we will find out whether we are a great fit and how we will shape the road map for you to reach beyond anything you’ve done so far.

Is this strategic island retreat for you - or not?

This short video clip contains my personal message to you, to easily and quickly reach clarity.

What other topics are important for you as a top executive?

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