For all of you, who are in pursuit of be-coming who you are: Leaders from heart. Passionate people taking the lead to succeed. Exceptional entrepreneurs of Life to leave a legacy that creates a future for our children. I know your path. I’m on it, too.

Hi, I’m Heinz Kaegi

I welcome you to my site – I’m delighted that you visit and thank you for taking the time to find out about aspects of Life that we share, as well as inspiring insights for your personal path of growing beyond as a leader.

Most top executives who contact me are either looking for a mentor at eye level, an inspiring keynote speaker, or an empathic designer & conductor for a visionary ONE Vision – ONE Team – ONE Voice corporate development orchestration.

Looking back on my top executive career, followed by 3 decades of international entrepreneurship, I can now appreciate the rich palmares of tops and flops that I have produced. The tops were great for my ego, and the flops were exceptional experiences to learn and grow beyond what I thought to be possible.

I am happy to share with you some personal details about myself and my path so that you can see, sense or feel whether I’m the one that you are searching for:

What is my calling and my passion?

Along my career I worked day and night. I was trapped in my hamster wheel and came close to burning out. This painful experience was in fact a blessing because it made me quest and recognize my personal path, later becoming my core promise to all I serve: I’m moving leaders from hard work to heart work®.

What is the guiding star that carries me?

My Life vision is an economy of heart. This is already taking form in the preparation of the International Economy of Heart Foundation.

Where do I come from?

I was born in St. Gallen, Switzerland – as if by chance between the university and the military barracks. I grew up in 3 cultural environments: the Swiss-German, the French, and the American. This created the cosmopolitan in me that brings multi-cultural executive team’s assets powerfully together, leading themselves from performance to impact.

What has shaped my path and made me the person I am?

Strict parents from a family of craftsmen. Schooldays with not funny setbacks. Wonderful jam sessions and gigs with the band. At the start of my career, two influential bosses of high caliber. My multilingual officer career in the Swiss army. My three talented daughters and their mothers. The tops and flops experienced in my dynamic career. Discovering new ways to manifest momentum in a community administration as an executive politician. Rowing over the silent waters at break of day. Direct reports in my executive team who have become friends. My 2nd base voice in the opera choir singing Verdi’s “Simone Boccanegra”.

The visionary jump-off-the-cliff into self-employment. My international customers and their exciting challenges. Hovering over the dancefloor with my Queen Regina. A crazy hotel project that made it from 2 bankruptcies to the national top 3. The keys on my loved piano that inspire my hands to express my own melody of Life. The sunny decade as an entrepreneur in Florida in the USA, which was groundbreaking for me.

Participants in my LEX Leadershift Excellence™ for Life Program who evolve on their own paths in exemplary fashion. Finding new roads of freedom on my Harley. The early loss of my younger brother. Mutually enriching moments of Life with true friends. The top 5 rating of my german book “Wanted: Leaders – the seven laws from hard work to heart work®.” by the Swiss Business Magazine BILANZ. My mentors and coaches who have challenged me big time because they believe in my potential.

My Life as an expat, far away on the island and still connected to my home Country Switzerland. Shaping the subject of Leadership as head lecturer at an international corporate academy. My dear wife Regina who creates miracles for us, every day. An unforgettable concert with a symphony orchestra that allowed me to conduct the Ouverture ”Le Nozze di Figaro” . The future, with its unbelievable potential to shape, grow and share.

That is who I have come to be, so far – Heinz.

What will be different when you shape your path together with me?

When you are looking for a mentor & coach at eye level with whom you can make the breakthrough as a top executive to the next level of your personal leadership, this is possibly

…because you have recognized that rising business complexity requires more visionary clarity from you… 
…because you are aware that the performance of your executive team is directly shaped by your impact as a role model …and 
…because you have decided that you do not just want success – you want fulfillment as well as the prerequisite for a sustainable growth on your personal path as a leader

You might perhaps ask yourself what sets me apart from all the other mentors and coaches?

  • I am familiar with your leadership topics from more than a decade of personal C-level experience.
  • Since 1988, I have designed and conducted more than 1000 visionary development processes for leaders and companies on 3 continents in 3 languages.
  • And yes, I am proud of the numerous clients who have then systematically achieved their strategic targets, because it was no longer a question of “whether or not” – it was rather a question of “how”.
As we work together, you will discover a new level of inner clarity – and horizons that will markedly change your Life and take you to the next level as a leader.

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