LEX 1-3 Business.

Leading from the future.

LEX Leadership Excellence™ Business Program for companies.

Vision competence and transformational power for executives.

The core topics of LEX 1 Business:

Meaning and future perspectives for me

Wanted: Leader

What do I stand up for? An assessement from the future.


What about my skills and potential as a leader?

Business Mission:

What is my core value proposition? Unleash your own force field.

Guiding Star:

Whereto am I leading my area of responsibility?

The core topics of LEX 2 Business:

Vision and mission for my team


What have I shaped and moved in my area of responsibility?


How do I develop the vision of my area of responsibility in the team?


Uncover the key elements for my leadership team.

Team Success:

What are successful teams do differently? Build, lead & develop my management team for tomorrow.

The core topics of LEX 3 Business:

Values ​​and leadership principles for my area

Values ​​& motives:

Knowing and using the unconscious power levers.


Why and for what purpose am I leading my area from the future?

Effectiveness and efficiency:

The LEX management logic – my strong tool in smart implementations.

Mission statement:

Building the navigation system for the visionary leadership of my division.


My passion, my courage, my responsibility for the whole.

In addition to a three-day LEX Live Session Intensive,

the LEX Business Classes 1-3 also include six-month of transfer coaching online:

LEX Business Lounge (e-learning platform) with login for the participants of your company as a "closed user group"

Online e-learning coaching with the transfer levers for sustainable implementation

Online coaching impulses for the participating executives, from the management

Sharing the transfer challenges and implementation successes among participants - "sharing is caring"

And for the time after that, there is "The LEX Community Membership" for the Life Long Learners in your management team.

This is an exclusive annual subscription for leaders who like to learn, exchange and grow from and with like-minded people

Discover more about the details of this exciting package and effects in a personal conversation with us

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